Bazaar, 98 Anshun Road
Shanghai 2016

For four days in central Shanghai, we occupied a gallery space situated inside a very local market at 98 Anshun Road, stall 26. This market is a lifeforce in the community; locals frequent it daily to do everything from buy food and clothing, fix shoes, get haircuts, and even visit the local dentist. It also functions as a social space, in which the shopkeepers and customers meet and socialize, play cards and Mahjong, and raise their children. In this uniquely embedded space we exhibited video work from Latvia and Sweden, including translated interviews discussing the following questions:

What is a good life?
How do you want the end of life to look like? (who around you, where, what….)
What is a good death?
What would you like your funeral to be like?
What do you want to happen after you die?
How do you feel talking about death with your friends and family?
What would you want your obituary to be?

Our exhibition culminated with a traditional Chinese Hotpot dinner, in which the community was invited to partake in the discussion.